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    server UA12 NEEDED a merge too, why did WE get left out??
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    I am from server 53 and I cannot log in - it wants to start me over!!!! I need help NOW! Divergent is the player 100+ player
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    Server 31

    Servers are down !!!!
    only server 1 shows up and all others give a black screen when trying to acces the game!!
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    to who may it concern
    my friend was telling me to join this game sight on angel alliance for a year and a half ago because its an great sight but I didn't join. But after a year and a half has gone by I finally joined it and my friend said to me that its not like it used to be because of domination. I joined it 3 days ago and in world boss I didn't get no hits in at all the 3 times I been in there and I see what AWhole,Bongo,Fangtonya,Leomist something as Domination.when I just joined here I am ready to stop playing on here and I will tell my friends not to join here because of this Dominations teams. sorry if nothing will be done I will be leaving sight and will tell more of my friends don't join this sight because nothing gets done.even tonight I didn't like. nothing was said about anyones mother at all please on what I was told and been seeing please help us that do right and thank you
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    To the server of Kabam/Wonderhill
    I have told and complained to support so many times on Domination. I believe they hack or do something in this game. they run this game and took over it and they have to b cheating or has a cheat code. I used to buy every month diamond's on here but I haven't in months now because of the Domination's and I wont till something gets done. We lost so many awesome players and friends on here because of them. I hope that this will be looked at and taken care of so please help us all thank you
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    Server Kabam/wonderhill
    IGN Slayer.s12
    I have written to support , I have sent images I have done the best I know how , but have had no answers. Our Server has so few left that it has fallen to greed and cheating and hackers . i would love to have our server be the happy place it was a year ago , but it isnt and I need help . Please , can you check for cheating in ub1 from guild members in Domination ? I really believe that they have a diamond generator of some sort or they are hacking into the system . I have pictures , not sure how to post them here . I have many other players that will attest to this as well . I dont even know if a merge would make a difference at this point . There are serious issues , please help us .
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    I am owlhoot from ua14 kabaam server 23. It has been difficult to log in recently but it is the navigation problem that is causing me some consternation. Half of the events and things freeze up during transition and I have to refresh and run the log in gauntlet again. Man for a game that could be the world's piece of cake, it is being treated by the developers like no one cares. There are lots of broken things and yet they continue to develop new things that either cause some other things to break or is broken to begin with. Is there some one in charge who wants this to be a good experience for everybody. I mean, I have invested time and money and am willing to invest more time and more money but not if things continue the way they are.
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    We can see that you logged in today. How about giving us comp packages for the screw up. of not renewing your server certificate on time.
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    Just had feedback from Wonderhill...They say they are working on the recharge problem.
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    no one can recharge. who can help us? we already missed out on diamond roulette and mid yr review because of this. tickets go straight to gtarcade. mods there are uninformed and not helpful at all.
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