Hi All,

We have some good news! A few things have been fixed in-game that includes The Crimson Citadel and a few forge recipes. Details below:

Crimson Citadel
The crimson citadel had a bug which when attacked by a player was generating a battle report for Anthropus Camp Level 3, providing both the enemies and loot of that tile. This has now been fixed and the Citadel will function as per its current setting providing both challenge of its tile and loots.

Forge Recipes
The recipes related to the Full moon offering were buggy, causing issues in game like Search function in the Forge malfunctioning, causing server issues or disallowing players to get the Full Moon Offering or letting them forge. This has also been fixed and now all the items and recipes related to Full Moon’s Offering are available for you all to Forge.

Hope you all like the update. Enjoy the Dragons of Atlantis!

- DoA Team