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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasumi Goto View Post
    It's nice if someone decided to change their ways, I guess, if that is the case here, idk.
    I'm more interested in what's up with all the extra 24s and other goodies the bots collected from the token glitch. Was it that much different from from the first token glitch when they rolled us back because only the bots could do it? Time for a good old building&research only tourney, lol.
    Well in another thread he more or less got outed as an exploiter of more current cloning glitches. He tried to dance around it but imo it is pretty clear he's a hypocrtite. If he actually decided to change his ways... Good for him!

    My sacced troops and my boots and graves are level 8... Plus I trained a couple of million easy.

    So yeah I guess that's a bs explanation... Just saying...
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