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firstly my main complaint is that now in order to post a ticket you have to register with a Facebook or twitter account. well what about people like myself that don't have or want anything to do with sell your data sites. as it is I now have been unable to open more than twenty chests at a time second time in the last few months last time it took over a month for so called engineers to fix it . now I cant even ticket to complain that I've not been able to open since 21st of July.so could someone slap the lazy gits in the head and get them to fix the game same problem so should have taken a couple of days at least to fix it again. if more time was spent actually fixing the game instead of ways to con people out of stupidly large amounts of money for nothing in return but a constantly broken game more folk might start playing again instead of more leaving due to the frustration that its constantly broken. please fix the game and remember not everyone likes or has social media accounts.
I agree that the best thing you can do to improve the game is to FIX EXISTING BUGS!!!!!!! I am retired IT and I know your first priority should be to get things working right. Your developers need to fix the problems before they worry about new troop types. Numerous people have complained about this and nothing is being done. Tell your developers to get off of their rear ends and FIX THE BUGS!!!!!