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    The Echoes of March Collection Event

    Hey Boss,

    Rumors are out that Park Avenue is opening some new places up for business that supposedly give a Don leverage over another, and you wouldn’t want to be on the other side of that Don’s negotiation. The sharks have smelled blood in the water, and now there’s an all out scramble between the Dons and they are racing to Park Avenue at this very moment.

    There are also stories about some fresh blood that have arrived at Park Avenue, and they are supposedly deadly, potent with a quite an itchy trigger finger and could be the key to your conquering of New York. Recruit as many of these Secret Army units to earn a chance to unlock the Park Avenue West Expansion!

    Click HERE to learn more about the Secret Army Collection Item
    Click HERE to learn more about the Park Avenue Expansion

    Thanks for playing,
    -The Godfather Five Families Team
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