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    The Park Avenue Expansion !

    Hey Boss,

    Park Avenue West has opened up for business and you do not want to miss out what’s in store, the New Squad Leader troop and two new buildings, the Training Academy and the Old Generator house!

    New Troop

    A new type of Support troop, the Squad Leader is here. The Squad leader is a Specialist troop that can be trained with Assassins and Black Widows using Appointments.

    Trained exclusively in the art of group Combat. The Squad leader will make a Wolf out of any Sheep. They are the most precise, deadly and combat ready troops around.

    Name: Squad Leader
    Tier: Specialists
    Class: Full Support
    Location: Park Avenue West Expansion
    2x Black Widow
    2x Assassin
    1x Appointment

    Health: 100,000
    Damage: 7,500
    Health and Damage Boost to: All Specialist Troops
    Speed: 1900

    The new Squad Leader troop is a one of a kind, Full Support troop that provide both Health and Damage bonus to all the Specialist troops, which makes her a critical addition to any Don’s arsenal. Buffs all the Specialists troops including the Mastermind, Romeo, The Colla’s Men, Man Eater, Car Bomber and Addiopizzo.

    New Buildings

    Training Academy: Unlocks the Squad Leader troop, and increases the limit of the max number of Squad Leader Troops you can train in the Park Avenue Neighborhood.

    Old Generator House: This building will give you an increased Barricade and Quick Draw chance against other players. This bonus is applied to marches sent only from the Park Avenue Neighborhood.

    More Building Perks!

    The Park Avenue West Expansion will also have buildings from Park Avenue East Expansion (Black Market, Edna’s Laundry, Haberdashery, Headquarters, Hospital, Law Firm, Morgue, Pearson’s Gym, Picalilly Pharmacy, Safe House and Shooting Range). This means that Park Avenue Neighborhood will be able to give you double the bonuses if you have both the Park Avenue East Expansion and the Park Avenue West Expansion!

    You'll soon have a chance to win the Park Avenue West Expansion Permit, just keep a sharp eye out for upcoming Events!

    Thanks for playing,
    -The Godfather Five Families Team

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