Dwarven Rune:

An excavation in the ruins of ancient Atlantis has led to the discovery of some age old relics. Amongst them was a gift left by the Dwarven race, who were once called the architects of Atlantis. Mystified by this object, the archaeologists, researchers and architects curiously dug into its details to uncover what secret it held. Though initially considered a joke, what they found, surprisingly turned to be just the opposite of that!

This object was a Linchpin, one scribed with several runes to bolster its support capability and with a surprising side effect. Architects who learnt of this secret were all teary with joy as their lost hope for the Silo buildings was rekindled with this Dwarven Rune!

Unlock new levels of the Silo buildings with the Dwarven Rune and enjoy its side effects. Each Dwarven Rune will increase the Silo building one past level 21 up to the maximum of level 25.

Consult below for the stats regarding the new Silo Levels: