proof that rock you couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery. or give a toss about game when one of its own moderators cant log in.
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[COLOR=#ff8c00]Hi all long time no see, I have been having logging in issues with the site. However, I hope I am back in time to help you out.

I have created a FB group page for Migration Help if you no longer have an old FB or old Email, I have been informed by Ocean that they can still migrate your game over.

Yes if you have multiple email log in for game then you will need multiple fb. Yes FB states they do not like fake FB accounts however these are not fake.


[COLOR=#ff8c00]That is the link to the fb page is marked as public for now. Please only use this if you are struggling with game or can offer help with players on how to move accounts.

Sorry I been away so long...LG.