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Please use the link below and submit a Ticket to Customer Support.

If you still have unresolved issues after they've been in touch then please let us have the following:

Player name:
Ticket number:

Brief description of issue.
Lucy this doesnt work. I have been out of my account since last friday. Here's the problem...First, I cannot write a ticket as it insists on A UID. Kabam and now rock you has NEVER made the UID availible to us and now I can't write a ticket because I don't know my UID. I am Xevious on domains 464, 465, 468 and 470. It started on friday with a simple refresh. I logged on with my login info and the Xevious account came up...i did some building in my 8th city and then I refreshed. Instead of the Xevious account coming up, Raven2's accounjt came up and I haven't been able to change that since last friday. It's been nearly a week and the only way i have of contacting help is here in the forums because of Rock You insistance on a UID number. I havent had the chance to even migrate yet and the game doesnt give me that screen so I can steal and migrate Raven2's account. I thought Rock you promised that we wouldn't lose our accounts.